Friday, 11 September 2015

Things Change...

Well I have come to the conclusion I keep letting myself down! No, I do!! I make a mental note that I will come on my blog at least once a week & for a few weeks all is good & then what happens? Yep, I miss months! So there's no getting away from it... I let myself down lol
Well, yet again many things have been going on. I was taken, by surprise I hasten to add, to the Craft Show at Doncaster back in late July & I had a wonderful time! Spent a few ;) pennies, learnt a few tips & tricks & some MANY wonderful creations from people like House of Zandra, Hobby House, Craftwork Cards, Sweet Poppy Designs & Phil Martin to name but a few.
I have also taken the plunge & my wonderful hubby has bought me for our 13th wedding anniversary the Cut 'n' Boss machine. Oh me, oh my, what a wonderful machine... how did I live & 'play' without it in my life before? lol No more struggling to turn a handle... bliss!
As for the fur babies, they are all doing well. Taffy & Manky are still going strong although Manky has taken to sleeping in someone's sticky bud patch as he keeps coming home full of them, especially in his tail. He really is a manky cat lol Taffy on the other hand is still very much the regal Queen & really doesn't like to get herself dirty in any way shape or form. And Grace? Well, she is still making us smile every day :) She had a 'play day' with a Rottweiler recently & the 2 dogs were flying around the garden for hours, literally. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves & there wasn't even a murmur of a growl from either of them. It was a wonderful day had by all.
I'll be popping up some pictures later once I've sorted them out lol
Take care of you xx