Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Not a lot...

Hello, how are we all? Talk about a change in the weather here in sunny/wet/windy/sleety/dry/humid even Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire! lol I reckon we've had all 4 seasons in the space of a week lol
Grace had a friend over to stay at the weekend, Sam, a Rottweiler, what a gorgeous dog! Not just in looks but in temperament too, they loved it. Both were as good as gold & a pleasure to have around. Taffy wasn't so impressed but she quickly told Sam who was the Boss and he learnt his place soon enough lol
As for crafting, I haven't done a great deal this past week. health issues keep rearing their ugly heads but I have managed to do some colouring with my Copic Markers so I'm pleased about that. Once finished, it's a Bestie image, I'll pop a picture up.
Well, I hope you have a good time doing whatever you set your mind too & don't forget to drop me a line once in a while, would love to hear from you.
Hugs xx