Monday, 23 November 2015

Hello, well I've managed to get on here 2 days on the trot... go me lol Today I've spent the majority of it trying to tidy up my craft room, I've made a little more space although to the untrained eye you would never guess! Are you like me, keep those empty boxes & bags just in case? Well, yes, I've kept a couple but thrown the rest out for the recycling, it's amazing how much room I've got now :)
Grace & the cats are doing well, Grace has got a new game. . . find a tissue & shred it into as many pieces as possible before she gets caught! She loves this game!! Next time she plays, I'll make sure I take a picture or 2 to share with you all.
Talking of pictures, here are a few more of my latest crafty makes...
 So, that's me for today, take care of you,
Hugs x

Birthday exploding box card

Crackers with Printed acetate boxes

Crackers all decorated

Tree Decoration made from card

Popped a battery candle inside 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Cold sunday

Brrrr... It's a cold one!
Well here we are, Sunday afternoon & yet again I was going to do so much & yet again I've managed to let the day slip away. Why? Well that's easy lol I turned on the pc & got side tracked, as you do. I set out with all these intentions, good as they are, but time seems to fly when you get on a pc, have you noticed? I swear it was only an hour ago that I sat down in front of this monitor NOT nearly 4 hours ago! Hey-ho
Anyways, whilst I haven't been here I have been doing crafting, amongst waiting (& having) my latest Lumbar Puncture, getting over it & sorting out some of my craft room to boot.
Craft-wise I've done some PL's, made some new style cards, had a bash at making some Christmas tree decorations, knitted quite a few pairs of socks & returned to my patchwork sewing. Busy, busy, busy. I won't bore you with ALL of the pictures today so I'll just pop a few on now & if I remember I'll add some more later on this week.
I'm also debating trying out for a Design Team but really don't know whether I should or not. They all ask that you know what your doing with your blog, well I don't really lol. I know how to put a post up, with pictures but I haven't a clue how to add the badges & stuff so if anyone can help me please give me a shout??
Anyhow, on to the pictures of some of the crafty bits of late...
So Hope you enjoy and keep warm, take care of you,
Hugs x
Boofle Book Card & Gift Bag

Inside of Boofle Book Card

Matchbox Card - Outer

Matchbox Card -Inner

Matchbox Card - Outer

Matchbox Card - Inner

Fizzy Moon Book card & Gift Bag

Inside of Fizzy Moon Book Card

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pocket letters

Well hello! I have been taken over by a couple of things of late, you know where I'm coming from, I'm sure. You see something someone has created & you think to yourself, Hmm I could do that! Then, off you go, have a bash at it & the next think you know you're addicted! Well it's happened to me... not with 1 new card craft but 2!!! lol The first being Pocket Letters, I can't stop making them. I just absolutely adore them, they are so easy to do the only problem I'm having is knowing where to draw the line lol The person to blame for this addiction? Easy! Crafting Gill that's who! She's created a monster I tell ya!! lol
Here are a few of my makes...
This was my 1st ever & went to India in a swap

Adored making this one, it went to a very special friend here in the UK

This one I loved doing & went again to a lady here in the UK

The next card craft that has got me really hooked of late is Paper Piecing, American Style ;) Not the English way. I've been informed the English Paper Piecing is done for the quilting. The sort I'm doing is getting the files & cutting various colours of card out in various shapes & piecing them together. They are mainly cut out using my beloved Cameo, I then add various mediums, Flower Soft, glitter, Glossy Accents etc to make the finished topper. Again, I'm just loving doing this too! For getting me hooked onto this I TOTALLY blame a good friend in the States, Lystra, good job I think alot of her, I've pulled more than the odd strand of hair out over these lol
Here are a couple of the ones I've made to date...
This one has got Flower Soft & Glossy Accents

She has Glossy Accents on shoes & hat
Lots of Flower Soft! lol
Used glitter card on here
So, that's what I've been up to, plus a bit of knitting those socks again, well the nights ARE drawing in again lol
Take care of you, Hugs xx

Friday, 11 September 2015

Things Change...

Well I have come to the conclusion I keep letting myself down! No, I do!! I make a mental note that I will come on my blog at least once a week & for a few weeks all is good & then what happens? Yep, I miss months! So there's no getting away from it... I let myself down lol
Well, yet again many things have been going on. I was taken, by surprise I hasten to add, to the Craft Show at Doncaster back in late July & I had a wonderful time! Spent a few ;) pennies, learnt a few tips & tricks & some MANY wonderful creations from people like House of Zandra, Hobby House, Craftwork Cards, Sweet Poppy Designs & Phil Martin to name but a few.
I have also taken the plunge & my wonderful hubby has bought me for our 13th wedding anniversary the Cut 'n' Boss machine. Oh me, oh my, what a wonderful machine... how did I live & 'play' without it in my life before? lol No more struggling to turn a handle... bliss!
As for the fur babies, they are all doing well. Taffy & Manky are still going strong although Manky has taken to sleeping in someone's sticky bud patch as he keeps coming home full of them, especially in his tail. He really is a manky cat lol Taffy on the other hand is still very much the regal Queen & really doesn't like to get herself dirty in any way shape or form. And Grace? Well, she is still making us smile every day :) She had a 'play day' with a Rottweiler recently & the 2 dogs were flying around the garden for hours, literally. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves & there wasn't even a murmur of a growl from either of them. It was a wonderful day had by all.
I'll be popping up some pictures later once I've sorted them out lol
Take care of you xx

Friday, 3 April 2015

Well it's happened again!! One minute it was January then I turned around & it's April!! Alot has happened since I last blogged some good, some bad, & yes, some ugly. We have to take what life throws at us though, don't we?
Craft-wise? I've been playing around a little with my boxes & as you know, I love altering them. I've done a couple for 'Just Because' presents & a couple for something to do. Pictures are below.
I've also done a few cards, a couple in a way I've not done before, I did put them up on Face Book but I don't think many liked them lol I did but others didn't seem to, oh well...
I also did some knitting in the evenings when I was watching one of my favourite TV programmes, Bones. Well, it was supposed to be an Owl but it turned out to be more of an Angry Bird! lmao
A friend took me to a shop the other weekend, Bee Crafty, on the A14, it was jam-packed full of fabric! Well I haven't done patchwork for over 8 years but once I got in that shop I was like a child in a sweet shop, I can tell you! lol The fabrics just oozed from every orifice, the colours were blending, the fat quarters were screaming to be bought, what could a gal do? I so had to bring some home, I just couldn't leave it all there, now could I? What sort of crafter would I be if I had done that??
Grace? Well she has come on leaps & bounds lol She now has a thing about chins! Yes, you read that right, chins! She just loves to give you a chin-wash :D
Embossed card, 4 flowers & a ribbon

Gardenias, doily, rose trim & embossed card

Mache embossed box, handmade flower, paper roses, rose trim & bead bling trim

Owl Aka Angry Bird

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Time Flies...

Isn't it funny how time just seems to fly by? I swear it was only a few days ago I last blogged but no it was nearly 2 weeks ago! Well I've been busy, for me anyhow lol last weekend I went to Birmingham, Uk for the day to meet up with family I haven't seen for over 30 years... there's that 'time flies' again. Plus i also got to see a special lady I have referred to as my Brum-Mum since the day dot. It was a special day for a number of reasons, one of her daughters was celebrating her 50th (card & pressie made by yours truly below) Brum-Mum was celebrating her 74th on the Monday (card & pressie made by yours truly below) & of course it meant I got to catch up with the rest of the family. Well, a few of the family lol Needless to say, I had a truly wonderful day & it couldn't have happened it if wasn't for a very good friend of mine, Chris, so thanks Chris, your one in a million Mwaah
Handcut MDF with flowers for 50th

Exploding 50th Card

Painted, papered & pearled for Brum-Mum

Bookatrix for Brum-Mum

Crafting wise I've been doing a few cards here & there (I'll get some pictures took & pop them up soon)  plus also my book folding. I just love this new craft I've taught myself. It takes a while to get the folds right & you have to make sure they are straight & crisp or it just looks so untidy then that's not only your time wasted, which can be up to 5 days! But also the book wasted too! So, if you intend to have a go at it, be prepared for sore shoulders & backs! lol
Anyhow, here's my latest folded book...
Best sister designed by Bev Smethurst
I've done other folded books, I'll hunt out the pictures & pop them on in due course.
Just to finish, I want to say to anyone who does read this blog, thanks & I hope I'm not boring you too much? lol Hope you have a lovely week, hugs xx

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hello! Long time no see! It's been a while since I've bothered but I've made a semi-promise to myself. It's not a resolution just a butt-kicking lol I'm going to try & get on here at least once a week & say hi. Yes, I know I might be talking to myself but at least I will have made the effort to have done SOMETHING right? lol Which is better than doing nothing ;-)

Grace is growing up so fast, she is already 19 months young & has hubby wrapped around her paws like no other dog ever has! She is the apple of his eye! Me? I am his second love now but I don't mind it means I get to craft more lol They go everywhere together, up to the market village every Friday to get the fresh veg for the weekend. The stallholder gives Grace her fresh carrot to carry home, but not before they go to the butchers where she sits patiently outside while hubby gets the fresh bacon & eggs, yes Grace also has a boiled egg for brekkie every morning too!  Back to the bacon & eggs, lol, for Sunday breakfast & woe betide if hubby forgets the bacon! lmao You have never seen a German Shepherd get the hump if she doesn't have her Sunday breakfast!

As for crafting, well i didn't do any for quite a few months in 2014 but I intend to change that this year too :-) I've already made a few cards, started on altering a box & intend to do a triple tea-light candle holder for a family member's forth coming birthday. As soon as done, I will post the pictures here :)

So that's it for now, I'll pop some pictures up of Grace so you can see how much she has grown & changed. Look forward to keeping you amused along our new journey together, hugs for now xx xx

Grace Dec 2014
Grace & Taffy Jan 2015