Monday, 23 November 2015

Hello, well I've managed to get on here 2 days on the trot... go me lol Today I've spent the majority of it trying to tidy up my craft room, I've made a little more space although to the untrained eye you would never guess! Are you like me, keep those empty boxes & bags just in case? Well, yes, I've kept a couple but thrown the rest out for the recycling, it's amazing how much room I've got now :)
Grace & the cats are doing well, Grace has got a new game. . . find a tissue & shred it into as many pieces as possible before she gets caught! She loves this game!! Next time she plays, I'll make sure I take a picture or 2 to share with you all.
Talking of pictures, here are a few more of my latest crafty makes...
 So, that's me for today, take care of you,
Hugs x

Birthday exploding box card

Crackers with Printed acetate boxes

Crackers all decorated

Tree Decoration made from card

Popped a battery candle inside 

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Cold sunday

Brrrr... It's a cold one!
Well here we are, Sunday afternoon & yet again I was going to do so much & yet again I've managed to let the day slip away. Why? Well that's easy lol I turned on the pc & got side tracked, as you do. I set out with all these intentions, good as they are, but time seems to fly when you get on a pc, have you noticed? I swear it was only an hour ago that I sat down in front of this monitor NOT nearly 4 hours ago! Hey-ho
Anyways, whilst I haven't been here I have been doing crafting, amongst waiting (& having) my latest Lumbar Puncture, getting over it & sorting out some of my craft room to boot.
Craft-wise I've done some PL's, made some new style cards, had a bash at making some Christmas tree decorations, knitted quite a few pairs of socks & returned to my patchwork sewing. Busy, busy, busy. I won't bore you with ALL of the pictures today so I'll just pop a few on now & if I remember I'll add some more later on this week.
I'm also debating trying out for a Design Team but really don't know whether I should or not. They all ask that you know what your doing with your blog, well I don't really lol. I know how to put a post up, with pictures but I haven't a clue how to add the badges & stuff so if anyone can help me please give me a shout??
Anyhow, on to the pictures of some of the crafty bits of late...
So Hope you enjoy and keep warm, take care of you,
Hugs x
Boofle Book Card & Gift Bag

Inside of Boofle Book Card

Matchbox Card - Outer

Matchbox Card -Inner

Matchbox Card - Outer

Matchbox Card - Inner

Fizzy Moon Book card & Gift Bag

Inside of Fizzy Moon Book Card