Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pocket letters

Well hello! I have been taken over by a couple of things of late, you know where I'm coming from, I'm sure. You see something someone has created & you think to yourself, Hmm I could do that! Then, off you go, have a bash at it & the next think you know you're addicted! Well it's happened to me... not with 1 new card craft but 2!!! lol The first being Pocket Letters, I can't stop making them. I just absolutely adore them, they are so easy to do the only problem I'm having is knowing where to draw the line lol The person to blame for this addiction? Easy! Crafting Gill that's who! She's created a monster I tell ya!! lol
Here are a few of my makes...
This was my 1st ever & went to India in a swap

Adored making this one, it went to a very special friend here in the UK

This one I loved doing & went again to a lady here in the UK

The next card craft that has got me really hooked of late is Paper Piecing, American Style ;) Not the English way. I've been informed the English Paper Piecing is done for the quilting. The sort I'm doing is getting the files & cutting various colours of card out in various shapes & piecing them together. They are mainly cut out using my beloved Cameo, I then add various mediums, Flower Soft, glitter, Glossy Accents etc to make the finished topper. Again, I'm just loving doing this too! For getting me hooked onto this I TOTALLY blame a good friend in the States, Lystra, good job I think alot of her, I've pulled more than the odd strand of hair out over these lol
Here are a couple of the ones I've made to date...
This one has got Flower Soft & Glossy Accents

She has Glossy Accents on shoes & hat
Lots of Flower Soft! lol
Used glitter card on here
So, that's what I've been up to, plus a bit of knitting those socks again, well the nights ARE drawing in again lol
Take care of you, Hugs xx