Sunday, 22 August 2010

Crafts, Cats & Chooks: Our Girls

Crafts, Cats & Chooks: Our Girls

Our Girls

Well here are a few pictures of our Girls, Ethel, Ruby, Alice, Dotty & Beep-Beep. Hubby reckoned Beep-Beep looked a little like roadrunner from the cartoons when we first got her, the way she stood up checking everything out, looking for danger etc. She used to look so funny too hehehe She has settled in well now and is certainly not as skittish as she was. Her & Dotty, both of which are our newest arrivals, have settled in well, and are now coming to eat out of our hand. Dotty has taken to flying over the patio fence & strolling into the kitchen to see what tidbits she can score for herself & the others! Never a dull moment here lol
By the way, that's one of our Son's friends having a cuddle with Ruby :^)

Thursday, 19 August 2010

1 Designed & made by me

Here's a pic of a card that I made up after I designed the sheet for it! The sheet is now up for sale at who I design for. Hope you like the card...

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Blog Candy by Craft Life

Here is a link for some blog candy, which is wonderful!!!!, by Craft Life. It ends 30th August, so why not pop over & see some of her wonderful creations?

Monday, 16 August 2010

The Pirate Ship

Here is the Pirate Ship I have spent the last 2 days building ready for my Grandson's 2nd birthday on Thursday, so I really hope he enjoys it!!
The template is from a company called Hassle Castle and I just love their stuff!
Please let me know what you think, any comment, good or bad, would be greatly appreciated xx
P.S. The cat in the pic is our Taffy, she see's the camera and just HAS to pose! lol

Sunday, 15 August 2010

My Design - Free

Here is a sheet I designed which I thought may be of some use to someone in 'Blogland' so if you can make use of it, please help yourself!
Would love to see what creations you make with it...

Well, here goes nothing...

Well, I've finally taken the plunge, and started my own blog.
Haven't got a clue what I'll be putting on here, but guess from the title it will be about my crafting, cats and my chooks (The Girls).