Sunday, 22 August 2010

Our Girls

Well here are a few pictures of our Girls, Ethel, Ruby, Alice, Dotty & Beep-Beep. Hubby reckoned Beep-Beep looked a little like roadrunner from the cartoons when we first got her, the way she stood up checking everything out, looking for danger etc. She used to look so funny too hehehe She has settled in well now and is certainly not as skittish as she was. Her & Dotty, both of which are our newest arrivals, have settled in well, and are now coming to eat out of our hand. Dotty has taken to flying over the patio fence & strolling into the kitchen to see what tidbits she can score for herself & the others! Never a dull moment here lol
By the way, that's one of our Son's friends having a cuddle with Ruby :^)

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