Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Not a lot...

Hello, how are we all? Talk about a change in the weather here in sunny/wet/windy/sleety/dry/humid even Lincolnshire/Cambridgeshire! lol I reckon we've had all 4 seasons in the space of a week lol
Grace had a friend over to stay at the weekend, Sam, a Rottweiler, what a gorgeous dog! Not just in looks but in temperament too, they loved it. Both were as good as gold & a pleasure to have around. Taffy wasn't so impressed but she quickly told Sam who was the Boss and he learnt his place soon enough lol
As for crafting, I haven't done a great deal this past week. health issues keep rearing their ugly heads but I have managed to do some colouring with my Copic Markers so I'm pleased about that. Once finished, it's a Bestie image, I'll pop a picture up.
Well, I hope you have a good time doing whatever you set your mind too & don't forget to drop me a line once in a while, would love to hear from you.
Hugs xx

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Add on Pictures

Here are the rest of the pictures...Oh! I can't take credit for colouring the Tilda in, that was done by a friend of mine a few years ago xx

My 1st attempt with Copics

Key holder with clock

Decoupage birthday

Gift box card

Inside gift box card

Bookatrix card


Box for Bookatrix

Tilda Birthday card 

Copics & More...

So many days & weeks have passed since I last blogged.  The amount of times I've come onto here, started to type only to hit the delete button & then shuffle away.... but NOT today!! lol
Where do I begin? Grace? Okay... she is doing well, so well in fact she is now on a mini diet lol I've had to tell hubby to stop giving her so many treats. yes I know she is beautiful & she looks so adorable as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but that DOESN'T mean you can keep giving her a treat at the drop of a hat every 2 minutes! She has taught herself to help lift my legs, they don't work so well, out of bed in the mornings if hubby is off getting stuff ready for me, that's one clever hound we have there ;-) lol
As for Taffy & Manky (the cats) we had to say our final Goodnight to Manky. It was a very sad time but he will be remembered with smiles & love. we can't complain, he gave us nearly 16 years of love, cuddles, purrs, rats, pigeons, moles........
Taffy is well, going strong, 13 this year, she still manages to climb onto the roof of our bungalow & tries to catch any unsuspecting bird that decides to land there for a breather lol
Now onto my crafting. I have been doing some, not a great deal just bits & bobs. I have also taken the plunge into the world of COPIC CIAO Marker pens wow wow wow!!! I'm still getting used to them but OMG the difference in the vibrancy of colour. Needless to say, love them! I've popped up the 1st picture I coloured in using my Copics.

I'm popping up some pictures of Grace & some other craft bits, cards etc that I've been getting up to these past months including the new(ish) cut & fold method of book folding in this post & the next.
Hope you like and you are all keeping well & looking forward to the summer, hugs xx
Grace looking for squirrels
Grace laughing??
Grace..."You called???"

Owl & Rose Cut & Fold