Sunday, 25 January 2015

Time Flies...

Isn't it funny how time just seems to fly by? I swear it was only a few days ago I last blogged but no it was nearly 2 weeks ago! Well I've been busy, for me anyhow lol last weekend I went to Birmingham, Uk for the day to meet up with family I haven't seen for over 30 years... there's that 'time flies' again. Plus i also got to see a special lady I have referred to as my Brum-Mum since the day dot. It was a special day for a number of reasons, one of her daughters was celebrating her 50th (card & pressie made by yours truly below) Brum-Mum was celebrating her 74th on the Monday (card & pressie made by yours truly below) & of course it meant I got to catch up with the rest of the family. Well, a few of the family lol Needless to say, I had a truly wonderful day & it couldn't have happened it if wasn't for a very good friend of mine, Chris, so thanks Chris, your one in a million Mwaah
Handcut MDF with flowers for 50th

Exploding 50th Card

Painted, papered & pearled for Brum-Mum

Bookatrix for Brum-Mum

Crafting wise I've been doing a few cards here & there (I'll get some pictures took & pop them up soon)  plus also my book folding. I just love this new craft I've taught myself. It takes a while to get the folds right & you have to make sure they are straight & crisp or it just looks so untidy then that's not only your time wasted, which can be up to 5 days! But also the book wasted too! So, if you intend to have a go at it, be prepared for sore shoulders & backs! lol
Anyhow, here's my latest folded book...
Best sister designed by Bev Smethurst
I've done other folded books, I'll hunt out the pictures & pop them on in due course.
Just to finish, I want to say to anyone who does read this blog, thanks & I hope I'm not boring you too much? lol Hope you have a lovely week, hugs xx

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Alter This said...

such lovely pieces, adore the folded book, and that cute little puppy dog right at the top is heart melting x