Friday, 3 April 2015

Well it's happened again!! One minute it was January then I turned around & it's April!! Alot has happened since I last blogged some good, some bad, & yes, some ugly. We have to take what life throws at us though, don't we?
Craft-wise? I've been playing around a little with my boxes & as you know, I love altering them. I've done a couple for 'Just Because' presents & a couple for something to do. Pictures are below.
I've also done a few cards, a couple in a way I've not done before, I did put them up on Face Book but I don't think many liked them lol I did but others didn't seem to, oh well...
I also did some knitting in the evenings when I was watching one of my favourite TV programmes, Bones. Well, it was supposed to be an Owl but it turned out to be more of an Angry Bird! lmao
A friend took me to a shop the other weekend, Bee Crafty, on the A14, it was jam-packed full of fabric! Well I haven't done patchwork for over 8 years but once I got in that shop I was like a child in a sweet shop, I can tell you! lol The fabrics just oozed from every orifice, the colours were blending, the fat quarters were screaming to be bought, what could a gal do? I so had to bring some home, I just couldn't leave it all there, now could I? What sort of crafter would I be if I had done that??
Grace? Well she has come on leaps & bounds lol She now has a thing about chins! Yes, you read that right, chins! She just loves to give you a chin-wash :D
Embossed card, 4 flowers & a ribbon

Gardenias, doily, rose trim & embossed card

Mache embossed box, handmade flower, paper roses, rose trim & bead bling trim

Owl Aka Angry Bird

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