Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Piece...

Hell Blogland, how are we all on this windy Sunday? Well I went to bed early last night not feeling 100% but woke up this morning about 6am!! Feeling better I decided to 'attack' a jewellery pattern I started yesterday which I bought from on-line. 7 hours later I was finished & really happy :^) with the end result too! lol
In between finishing the necklace off I evn managed to start a stew off, dumplings will be added later :^), put the washing on, change beds, phone my sis AND do the chickens some lunch of potatoe & carrot peelings with sweetcorn, peas and a little Museli thrown in for good measure! Mustn't make a habit of doing too much before lunch or hubby will want it doing all the time and then where would I find the time to craft? hehehe
Anyhow, here's the picture, would love to hear what you think of it...
Hugs all xx

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